Industry Leading Services Provided at Auto Collision Experts

State of the art Paint Booth utilizing the latest in GREEN PAINT TECHNOLOGY through BASF Water Based ONYX Paint, which reduces basecoat solvent emissions up to 90% and creates 78% less waste. Not only does it provide a lasting and lustrous paint finish, but it also reduces the effect and impact on the environment.

At Auto Collision Experts we became the Industry Leader in new technologies by consistently educating our technicians and our staff to be knowledgable and competent in the ever changing landscape of automotive repair.

One of the newest technologies we have implemented at ACE is the Aluminum Repair Services Division. It allows us to repair aluminum frames on modern vehicles. Automobile manufacturers have been creating aluminum frames for lightweight cars that result in greater fuel mileage.

At ACE, we use the 2012 Hook Frame System with the Shark Measuring TruPoint Sonic 360 Measuring Package software to re-align and stretch your frame if any frame damaged occurred in your accident. It diagnosis problem and weak points and allows us to repair the frame to factory specifications, providing you with a flawless repair.

Our Paint Booth is a BlowTherm EcoSystem to facilitate the use of the water base products, Blowtherm has developed a new system: AIR SPEED, which increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation systems. The advantages of the system are shorter flash-off times between coats, shorter curing time and faster removal of volatile components before the start of the reticulation process.

This is our Green Paint Technology Department, capable or recreating the perfect match of your current paint job to allow us to flawlessly coat your vehicle in a paint coat that we personally guarantee.

Challenger 10,000Lb 2-Post lift makes short work of any underbody work. Challenger Lifts’ ALI/ETL Certified Versymmetric® 2 post car lift allows the flexibility to safely lift automobiles both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay. Allowing us to accommodate any make or model of vehicle.